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Grant: what can be said about him that hasn't already been said about [insert your favorite good guy here]? He loves shelties, having a good time, and caring for his alter ego Remko on Instagram ( 

With Carolina Soul Since: March 2013
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Go-To Musical Genres: Country, Bluegrass, Old time, Disco, Techno, Psych, Garage, Synth Stuff, Rock-of-billy, Jazz

Favorite records/songs discovered at work:
The Cliffhangers – “Since You’ve Gone Away”
Leo’s Sunshipp – We Need Each Other
Blair – Nightlife
Byard Lancaster – It’s Not Up To Us
Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces – Dedication Of Love
Lloyd McNeill – Asha
Khan Jamal – Infinity
Love Joys – Lover’s Rock Reggae Style

Interests: Shetland Sheepdog, Reading, Gaming (but my co-worker Kat is much better than I am), Having A Good Time, Making Jokes, Being Nice, Listening to Music

Favorite Durham lunch spot: Twisted Noodle, or maybe Ham Sandwich

What Do You Like About Working At CS?: "I value working in a friendly environment with a lot of positive and helpful people who all have something to teach me. I like that my work lines up with my most significant hobby/interest and that I am constantly exposed to new sounds. I hope to share the fun/learning experience I have working here with the folks that shop at our store or check out our auctions, that’s always great! Also my coworkers own me on a daily basis and that’s a good time."