Ian is a funny and smart man, scarily so since he's still so young! All his bands are good and he has probably come up with more office jokes than the rest of us combined. Just read & you'll see what I'm talking about...

With Carolina Soul Since: September 2013
Title & Responsibilities: Senior Processor/Void Specialist
Hometown: Chapel Hill
Go-To Musical Genres RN: hardcore/punk, minimal synth, soul

Favorite records/songs discovered at work: Brothers Of Soul "I'd Be Greatful", Timmy Thomas "Why Can't We Live Together", Eddie Kendricks "People... Hold On", William DeVaughn "Be Thankful For What You Got", Zilla Mayes "All I Want Is You", that dope Equatics record where the dude sounds like hes 37 but is actually 16, Drexciya "The Return Of" and countless others

Interests: playing in a band with other featured Carolina Soul Employee Jeff, making art, fartin around, nerdin out, making whip sound effects with my mouth

Favorite Durham lunch spot: Ham Sandwich

What Do You Like About Working At CS?: "I've never worked in a place that embraces my rampant and virulent stupidity and sense of humor in such an inviting way. Thanks for letting me constantly disrupt the office workflow, you guys! Going to work is like hanging out! Also Sports Break. Love that Sports Break gotta have that Sports Break."