If you've ever been to our storefront, you already know him: the man, the beard, the jazz funk legend. Nice guy and mensch, Jack came to CS from Greensboro just over a year ago, and since then NOTHING HAS BEEN THE SAME. Not a day goes by without someone here saying "Damn, how is Jack's customer service so tight?" or "Damn, Jack sure knows a lot about jazz funk." Plus, the only time he ever played soccer with us he scored three goals, so there's that. We asked him some questions about his time at Carolina Soul, here's what he said: 

What are your go-to musical genres right now?

"Always a tough question, but I would have to say Jazz Funk right now is what has been banging in my ear drum lately. Just yesterday I heard a jazz funk masterpiece from a record I won in a recent Carolina Soul auction, Johnny Lytle's PEOPLE & LOVE. The track "Tawhid" is everything I love about jazz funk. Other go-to genres will always be funk & psych (that touches on all genres including Xian Psych, reggae/dub, and hip hop), plus I love myself some sad bastard singer-songwriters or a genre I like to call "Last Call." 

What are some records you've discovered while working at Carolina Soul?

Seems to happen on a daily basis, but ones that stand out include:

Voices of Light's "You Must Be Looking For Trouble," Aaron Broomfield's "I'm Gonna Miss Ya," any and everything by Carlos Garnett, Ronnie McNeir's S/T, Leo's Sunshipp's WE NEED EACH OTHER, Gene Redding's BLOOD BROTHERS, Modulations' IT'S ROUGH OUT HERE, Frank Foster's THE LOUD MINORITY, Minnie Ripperton's LES FLEUR. 

Jack, what are you non-music interests? 

Is there anything else besides digging? While I do spend a lot of my free time digging I do like traveling, going to shows, slacker hiking, and pretending to be a foodie. And oh yeah I am a sports junkie.

If you had to pick one favorite Durham lunch spot...

Ham Sandwich. At my house. 

What Do You Like About Working At CS?:

Besides constantly discovering new records it really is a pleasure to work for a company that is filled with like-minded/passionate people. While I do like interacting with customers in the shop I do miss the hilarious banter that happens at the office, along with missing sports break although those fools are crazy to be playing soccer in this 95 degree plus heat.