Jake has permeated both store and office with friendly good vibes, an insouciant wit and a profound knowledge of all things "roots" and "traditional" (broadly construed of course). He is an incredible guitarist, something in evidence in spades on JAKE XERXES FUSSELL, his debut on Paradise of Bachelors and no doubt on his forthcoming follow-up LP. And as if that weren't enough, check out his radio show on WHUP:https://whupfm.org/show/fall-line-radio/. What a good dude! Here's his profile:

With Carolina Soul Since: February 2016
Hometown: Columbus, Georgia

Go-To Musical Genres RN: Country, Gospel, so-called "old-time" string band music, Cajun music, Doo Wop, banjo tunes, quartets, regional Mexican musics: Huasteca, Banda, Jarocho, Norteña; various American Indian & First Nations music: powwow singing, hand drum, stomp dance, fiddle music from all over the place..I love fiddles! 

Favorite records/songs discovered at work:
"If You Miss Me" - Imperial Wonders
"Tormentos" - Duo Benitez-Valencia
"Everything is Everything" - Jim Pepper
"The Desperate Ones" - Nina Simone
"I Come From a Long Line of Poor Folks" - The Thrashing Wonders
"The Creator Has a Master Plan" - Pharoah Sanders
"Cierra los Ojos y Juntos Recordemos" - Yolandita Monge

Interests: reading, walking, documentaries, riding my bike, learning more about music genres & traditions that I don't know much about, learning old songs and trying to play them, traveling, putting together my radio show every week

Favorite Durham lunch spot: La Cacerola (the Honduran place on Guess Rd next to the Latino produce market/CD store)

What Do You Like About Working At CS?: I get to learn about and listen to a lot of great music while working with a genuinely kind and smart group of people!