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Since Kyle joined us in April 2017, he's brought nothing but good things. He's a serious music fan, hard-working and professional. What's more, he's always cool no matter what random hubbub's going down in office.   
Hometown: I grew up in Minneapolis but moved to Los Angeles when I was 14. L.A. holds more weight in terms of life experiences, but most of my family is in MN and I tend to visit there more frequently. Both places are special, for different reasons.
Go-To Musical Genres right now: I don’t really have any "go-to" genres. I like good songs. And good bass lines. The studio album is generally my preferred format, but the 45 is growing on me. I was diggin’ some of that old gospel stuff we auctioned a while back, and I’m trying to get a handle on jazz.
Favorite records/artists discovered at work: With so many interesting records coming through its hard to remember, but I've snapped a few pics of things that have caught my ear: Sorrow Come Pass Me Around (gospel comp), Clarence Reid - Nobody But You Babe, Dizzy In Greece, a couple Erma Franklin 45s, Ernie K-Doe, The Counts...just to name a few.
Interests: Traveling/hiking/exploring with my wife. Skateboarding. Playing/recording music. Video projects & photography. And I've been thinking about taking a carpentry class. I like to keep busy.
Favorite Durham lunch spot: Taqueria La Vaquita. But I often fuel up for a grueling day of record grading with a breakfast biscuit from Foster's Market.
What Do You Like About Working At CS?: It’s always nice to work in a field you’re interested in, with like-minded people. You’re not just clocking in and out for a paycheck. I like that it's a small company doing something unconventional - it's thriving but constantly evolving. Everyone has a voice and can just be themselves here.