This Employee Profile is a lil peek behind the curtains: Max, CS marketing maestro and communications czar! In addition to most of the words penned under the CS aegis, Max is also the man responsible for our NTS Radio radio show, our world-renowned Instagram account, these profiles (although not *this* one), and a healthy dose of our office vibe. His razor-sharp intellect hints at a past in academia, his Midwestern roots show in a lack of pretense, and his kind, patient nature evinces his life as a family man. Also, he can throw a football real good.

With Carolina Soul Since: March 2013

Title & Responsibilities: Marketing / Communications Director
In addition to auction work, I program the radio show on NTS and make the store mixes, run the Instagram, write the weekly auction emails and generally hold down the public presentation of Carolina Soul. 

Hometown: Dayton, OH

Go-To Musical Genres right now: Gospel, rap, modern, reggae & dub, folk, Dylan. I'm not ABBA to Zappa (just ABBA), but do try to keep up on a lot of genres. 

Favorite records/songs discovered at work: You can look at the radio show: there are hundreds and I feel like I hear something great everyday, all thanks to my coworkers. Off the dome some faves: Aaron Broomfield's "Gonna Miss Ya," Evans Pyramid, New Sounds on Turbo, Sister Nancy, Byard Lancaster, Larry Young's Lawrence of Newark, Thompkinaires, Fantastic Shadows, Mary Lewis, Gospel Clouds, Lee Tracey, Shadow, Deansta, Kenyatta, Smithstonian, Gospel Hi-Lites, Missionary Essie Moss, Jeff Majors, Deceptions, it goes on & on... the job has taught me just how much is out there. 

Interests: My family, reading and writing, basketball (playing and watching). 

Favorite Durham lunch spot: Banh's. 

What Do You Like About Working At CS?: "In a past life, I was an English professor-- but Carolina Soul is much more what I expected the academy to be than it was in reality. I get to work with smart, creative people, surrounded by perpetually surprising works of art. But the vibe at Carolina Soul lacks the pretension, humorlessness and petty competition of the university-- stuff that could really bring a body down! And you'll never meet a kinder, more talented crew than the gang at CS."