It's Nate! 

With CS Since
Feb. 2013

Trumansburg, NY

Go-To Musical Genres RN
House, spiritual jazz, soft rock

Favorite records/songs discovered at work: 

Too many... I guess in the aforementioned genres a few artists that come to mind are Joe Lewis, Kamasi Washington, Alessi. In a previous post, ZR mentioned a lot of songs that also resonate with me, on the disco, boogie and modern soul tip.


Basketball (playing/watching), cooking, stained glass, horror movies

Favorite Durham lunch spot: 

Alright, I have to be honest and shout out my old neighborhood chinese takeout Dragon Gate. I cannot recommend people go there because the menu is "spotty," but I am undeniably addicted to their fried chicken and therefore go there a lot (by myself).

What Do You Like About Working At CS?

The people, obviously. Much love to my colleagues, who are all weird and brilliant in their own ways. It's been fun working alongside longtime friends I respect and meeting new folks with similarly obsessive musical tendencies. It has been extremely fulfilling to watch CS grow and find its footing in the online retail space and eventually branch out into the Durham community with a physical location.