Tayler's a thoughtful, sweet and low-key hilarious person who if not the CS soccer goals leader is right up there. Here's her profile:

Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Fave Genre RN: House

Music Discovered at Work: Silver Apples, The Lovejoys, Bobbi Humphrey, Womack & Womack, Severed Heads, The Do!!You!!! Show with Charlie Bones on NTS Radio, the Hollywood Handbook podcast (not music, but still...)

Interests: Cooking, trying to get into biking, dance parties and shows

Favorite Lunch Spot: Mi Perú Peruvian Cuisine, RIP The Boot lunch

What Do You Like About Working at Carolina Soul: "Everyone here is super kind and hilarious; it's great working with people who share many of my interests and are able to introduce me to tons of music I've never heard before. And sports break is obviously the best."