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Back in the day, Zach used to always come around the office digging for records-- & we liked him so much, we hired him! The best mixer in the office, you can him catching DJing at BowbarrAlley Twenty Six, and The Pinhook, both solo and as part of the Stop The World crew. A new papa to beautiful baby Isadora, Zach's maybe the most Zen-ed out person in the office. But he's from Yonkers, so that doesn't mean he won't check you if try steppin' to him...

With Carolina Soul Since: May 2015
Hometown: Born and raised in Yonkers, NY but Durham, NC has been home for 12 years now. 

Go-To Musical Genres RN: 

I never used to pay much attention to genre types, I always just liked what I liked, but working on the auctions at CS has definitely tuned me into the classifications more. I bounce around a lot, but I definitely go back most often to sweet soul, crossover soul, funk, roots reggae, 90s hip hop, late 70's early 80's funky disco/boogie, Brazilian music.... I like a pretty wide spectrum of things, even though they give me a hard time at the office for hating on a lot of shit. 

Favorite records/songs discovered at work: 

Man there are so so many, and my memory is horrible. One of the things I love most about working with CS is discovering new tunes, new records. Here are a few that are fresh in my mind:
The Leo's Sunshipp LP, Magnum - Fully Loaded LP, The Falcon's - Standing On Guard, Aretha Franklin - One Step Ahead, Leon Thomas - The Creator Has A Master Plan, Tarika Blue - Dreamflower, Patrice Rushen - The Hump, Lonnie Smith - In The Beginning, Jon Lucien - Would You Believe In Me, Tom Brock - I Love You More And More, Schoolboy Q, Earl Zero - Righteous Works, Dream Team - There He Is, Sunday - Where Did He Come From, Disciples Of Soul - Peek A Boo, Love - Be Thankful For What You Got, Erasmo Carlos LP... It has also been cool to dive more deeply into the catalogs of artists that I knew to some extent before but have been able to discover much more in full at CS... Leroy Hutson, The Zombies, Rotary Connection, Prince, Lonnie Liston, George Duke, Bobbi Humphrey to name just a few... 


I love digging through 45s, definitely became a junkie for them several years back and the jones has only gotten worse over time. DJ'ing, playing basketball, watching a good movie or game, and hanging with my family, my niece and nephew are all way up there on the list. I love a good drink with good company. I love those moments where my mind gets out of the way and I find a bit reverence for creation amidst this crazy ass modern world. At the top of the list for sure though, is spending time with my wife Kendra and our 4 month old baby girl Isadora, what a game changer. 

Favorite Durham lunch spot: 

Tough one, right now I'm craving Old Havana.

What Do You Like About Working At CS?: 

Of course the music, the music, the music. The flexibility and laid back-ness has been a serious plus, especially after grad school and while becoming a father. The CS team is mad cool. They are weird as shit, funny as hell, they make me feel old as hell, and they always keep things interesting. As supportive and eclectic a crew as one could hope for really. Plus I finally have a nemesis which is a first, and entertaining. And then, there is sports break. If I never accomplish anything else in my life, I can rest on the glory of being the creator of sports break, which will live on forever.